Every Project Deserves to be Great!

Reach the Audience

Crucial to the success of any marketing effort is assuring the target audience notices the direct mail, brochure, or other marketing promotions. Creation of a package or project design and theme provides maximum visibility.

Build a Relationship with the Audience

Developing a sense of clarity and conveying value about your programs is key. Copy speaks to the audience on their level. We want to establish a kinship with the reader and make it clear you know their needs. We want to answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Send a Clear Message

The benefits and services are clearly defined as high-quality, valuable programs, drawing on the strength of the products and creating name recognition. Messages are brief, high-impact, and benefit-oriented.

Avoid Complications

A good direct marketing communications tool will not attempt to accomplish too much. The purpose is to get the reader to respond. A direct response piece, catalog, mailer, even a website, is well crafted and strategically moves the prospects to the offer and motivates them to respond.

Ensure Ease of Response

Along with the delivery of a brief and clear message, the piece must provide equally brief and simple response devices. Business-reply cards and envelopes, 800 numbers, and Internet responses are convenient and make it easy for readers to respond. Websites should be intuitive for the user, lead them naturally to contact or buy. Plus, good websites are interactive, responsive, and mobile compliant.

Utilize Testimonials

Satisfied members, users, or customers provide a personal and credible reference for prospective customers or members. Whenever possible, we like to include their viewpoint and testimony to the quality of the service or product we are promoting. Plus, when using a testimonial, you should use the person’s actual name and location.

Provide Savings and Incentives

Create special offers, use premiums, create urgency, tell the prospect what you want them to do and when! Providing a reward or incentive is even better.

Exude an Enthusiastic, Friendly Tone

By taking the approach of marketing as “creating friendships,” we can energize the marketing effort to create a response and position your services as user-friendly.