Making Details Work Together

Design can be very subjective. I once had a client who did not like the color orange. No matter how a piece was designed or looked, if the color orange was present then it did not meet her standard of “good design.”

It could have had the perfect combination of typography, space, art, and color. But, if she saw orange …

Many, really don’t value the process or what it takes. Good design has an effortless quality. Design is a combination of art, feel, taste, logic, and projecting oneself into how the reader or user may react (or not).

Good design will intrinsically communicate your values by making all the details (copy, imagery, style, benefits, brand, etc.) work together. Working together to create excitement or a desire to learn more, to act on your message.

The marketplace does not give your project a lot of time to make your case. In fact, when someone gets your direct-mail package, picks up your brochure, opens your email, or visits your website … you have 7 seconds to convince them to continue reading your message.

It’s more than just putting “ink on paper” or “copying and pasting some stuff on the screen.” It’s aligning and strategically getting all the details of your project to work together, effortlessly.

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